Simple tutorial on how to use Snapseed correctly Start editing your photos!

It may happen that you have Snapseed downloaded to your Smartphone or computer and you still don’t really know how to use this program. If you want to achieve vintage, editorial, or dramatic photo editing, Snapseed is the perfect editing application.

However, many people find Snapseed to be a complex application. The truth is that it has more than 29 editing tools, however, not with the purpose of being difficult to handle, but rather complete and satisfactory.

In Snapseed you can find a variety of filters, in addition to the tools for white balance, contrast, details, vignettes, among other basic options. Below we will easily explain how to use this photo editor. You can’t miss it!

Snapseed Features

Initially, one of the main things that characterizes this application is the compatibility with a wide variety of files, among which are mentioned JPG and RAW files.

This way, you can open various types of files from any device. At the same time, it is noted that Snapseed is a fairly complete application, which allows you to edit photos professionally.

It should be noted that Snapseed has options for stain removal, structure, background blurring, and selective filter brush.

According to this, one of the most used options is “Stain Remover” because it can remove objects that accidentally come out on the background of a photo. It has a finish just like Photoshop! 

Snapseed Tools

Now, you may be wondering what exactly can I do at Snapseed? Which tools do I have for editing my photography? We’ll explain in detail!

Photo Enhancement

This is basically a fairly comprehensive option, as it will be possible here to adjust exposure, manual color and warmth.


One of the best tools Snapseed can have is the “Details” tool. Many times you think you’ve captured the perfect picture, but when you check your mobile phone, the picture is blurry.

That’s why Snapseed includes this option among its tools, in which you can sharpen the photo and improve the sharpness and quality.

White Balance

On the other hand, if the picture is very saturated or dark, the best option is White Balance.

In this option you will be able to adjust the colors and light, with the purpose of making the photo look more natural.

Stain Remover

According to the above, this is an option in which you can get rid of people, objects and stains that appear in the picture. It will look very natural and will go unnoticed!


At the same time, the “Expand” option will increase the size of your photo and even adapt it for social networks. It is undoubtedly an ideal option for home photo shoots.

Crop and rotate

Obviously, the option of rotation, cropping and turning could not be missed, as it is a photo editor.

In Snapseed you can rotate the photo to 90°, and you can see if the image is straight or not. You can also crop the image to your own liking.


It uses Snapseed’s intelligent technology, which allows 8 points to be automatically adapted to various parts of the photo, to make instant retouches for you.


Text is another of Snapseed’s best features, with 38 font styles and colors.

Steps to edit a photo in Snapseed

Initially, adding a new photo to the Snapseed library to start editing is completely simple.

Once you’re inside the application, the first thing you’ll see is a large (+) icon in the middle.

Simply press this button and you’ll be taken to your photo gallery to choose which image you want to edit. Also, you can upload the photo using the button located on the top left, which says “Add”.

After you select the photo, you will see 3 options at the bottom: Design, Tool, Export.

According to this, in the option called “Design” is where you will find incredible professional filters for your photo.

On the other hand, in “Tools” you will find options to crop, improve photo, remove stains, text, among others available. Finally, the “Export” button is for when your photo is ready and edited.

Download Snapseed and start editing your photos Have you tried this application 😍?

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